Square A.M. in the market


Our company focuses on creating new solutions of asset management and profitability, aiming to balance between minimizing the risk, transversal to all classes of assets and maximizing profitability.

In June 2016, the amount under management of real estate investment funds in Portugal was 9.65 thousand million euros.
An income fund and three restructuring funds
In June 2016, the open-ended real estate investment fund market represented 3.5 billion euros.
“CA PATRIMÓNIO CRESCENTE” was the only fund of its kind that had a positive outcome in June 2016, with gains of 3.49%.
The achieved results put the main products of SQUARE A.M. among the most profitable in the market from the participant's perspective, without neglecting the fulfillment of high standards of risk management.
(Source: APFIPP - Portuguese Association of Investment, Pension and Property Funds, June 2016)
SQUARE A.M. is among the five largest management companies out of a list of 32 counterparts. It holds 820 million euros under management in a 9.65 billion euros market.
Market: 9.650.802.700
(Source: APFIPP - Portuguese Association of Investment, Pension and Property Funds, June 2016)
June 2016
1 Interfundos 1 366 510 700 14,16%
2 GNB – SGFII 1 208 538 500 12,52%
3 Fundger 1 119 174 100 11,60%
4 Norfin 1 032 851 830 10,70%
5 SQUARE ASSET MANAGEMENT 819 591 600 8,49%
6 Banif Gestão de Activos 541 680 500 5,61%
7 Montepio Valor 531 300 700 5,51%
8 Santander Asset Management 468 005 000 4,38%
9 Gesfimo 466 225 600 4,36%
10 Selecta 437 430 000 4,09%
  Others 1 659 494 170 17,20%
SQUARE A.M. Value of assets under management in Portugal
June 2016
Market share evolution

Real Estate Asset Management

SQUARE A.M. specializes in three real estate asset management areas:

Million euros of assets under management in
Return Funds
Risk management / return on core assets, especially in the offices, trade and distribution sectors.
Million euros of assets under management in
Restructuring Funds
Long-term management of non-core assets in order to increase its value.
Million euros of assets under management in
Strategic consultancy of institutional portfolios and urban development policies.


SQUARE A.M. currently manages four real estate funds, of which one of income - considered the market's best product in its category - and three of restructuring.
The management is carried out under a mandate from two of the largest banks in Portugal: the Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola and Montepio.

102 million euros of assets under management and approximately 75% of leased properties.
177 million euros of assets under management and a profitability superior to the average closed fund index of APFIPP
198 million euros of assets under management, of which over 25% are leased, representing 30 million euros.
335 million euros of assets under management and more than 12,000 investors.
Among the different categories of assets that the SQUARE A.M. manages its restructuring fund is the one with the highest growth, having increased more than 45 times the number of assets under management since its launch.
Millions €
  • Other assets
  • Distressed asset funds
  • Income funds
In addition to fund management, the company also has significant experience in providing advice on other portfolios:
BANCO POPULAR (2009-2010)


SQUARE A.M. is consecutively being recognized by international institutions, thanks to the sound management of the assets it holds and the outstanding performance of its funds.

5 Morgan Stanley IPD awards
Up to 2015 SQUARE A.M. was five times winner of the prestigious Morgan Stanley IPD, which compares the indexes of real estate, bonds and shares. To this distinction contributed the establishment of the asset portfolio with the best return for the participant - the “CA Património Crescente” fund.
SQUARE A.M. brings together an international track record of success that allows it to have as reputable partner’s institutions such as the World Bank and the EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, among others.
Effectiveness and efficiency
It accounts for approximately one thousand million euros in redevelopment of real estate assets; it holds the largest share of the domestic market of Open-end Real Estate Investment Funds.

Return for the Funds Investors

As a result of the approach taken, the funds managed by SQUARE A.M. have the lowest volatility and, simultaneously, the higher profitability of the market, from the investor’s perspective.

The more diversified portfolio
Consisting of about 2,500 properties of various categories.
The lowest vacancy rate
Constant decrease in the number of vacant properties and increase in properties let.
The highest profitability
The funds managed by SQUARE A.M. have been delivering the higher profitability of the 1, 3, 5 and 10 years market for the investor.
8 year average of contracts
There are contracts with estimated duration between five and 30 year as minimum term.
94% appreciation
The fastest and most significant turnaround of restructuring asset portfolios